~ Vintage Computer Games  of the 80's & 90's ~

  I love gaming and spent a good portion of my free time in the 80's & 90's  playing computer games with my sons and daughter.  

  Around 2002 I received a marvelous collection of  "Questbusters - The Adventurer's Newsletter" which was published by Shay Addams beginning in November 1984 and ending sometime in 1996.

  The Newsletter, which was distributed around the world, was written by a handful of hard core gamers and was published monthly with such things as hints, walk-throughs of current games, reviews and upcoming games for Apple, Atari, Commodore, IBM & Mac.  It also included ads from gamers requesting and/or providing hints for various games, as well as offering to sell or trade games.

  This superb collection of newsletters was given to me by a truly generous lady, June, who has been an avid adventure fan since the early days of computer gaming.

  I am totally fascinated with this early form of gaming information which led to the many publications of Gaming Clue Books and Strategy Guides that were sold in book stores and by mail previous to the Internet. The Questbusters publication was created by Shay Addams, first using a Mimeograph, then graduating to a Photocoping machine.  The paper newsletter was mailed to subscribers through the US Postal Service.  After all, the public Internet (called "The World Wide Web") did not exist until around 1996.

  So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage - hmmm, and maybe something to munch on, and make yourself at home. 

  I hope you enjoy your visit and find this website an interesting adventure of old, and not so old computer games, reviews from the Questbuster Newsletters and pictures of games for sale.

Games for Sale* - (Coming)

  *Note:  Games for sale come with an Installation CD for play in Windows 95/98, Vista, XP & 7-10, + an artistically rendered CD Case Insert, which you'll see in the provided pictures.

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