~ What's in the Box? ~

  When I played PC games with my children in the 1980s and 90s, over time I amassed a number of computer games that slowly got stored in a box in the garage.  Of course, every time I moved to a new residence the box of games came with me since I would never consider getting rid of some of my happiest moments with my children, nor the great box art and neat stuff in the game box like Maps, magic stones, a microscopic space fleet, a backstory book that would introduce the game, character figurines, copy protection devices and a plethora of other objects, known as feelies.  Anyway, without digressing to far afield, I was cleaning out the garage and came upon my box of games and decided it would be fun to acquire some of the ones I had never played.  I soon realized that some of the games I purchased were missing items that were designed to enhance the game experience and/or were required to play the game.  So, to this end, I am providing pictures of games I have that show all or most of what came with these 80's and 90's games along with a description of each item.  Hopefully, this will provide some necessary information for PC Game Collector's.

  If you have any comments/questions or find a broken link, please send me an E-Mail/Text at sensuari@yahoo.com .

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